Men, your time has come to beat women at their own game. Yes, we are talking about shopping! With a plethora of branded clothes for men vying for attention, you can now compete with women when it comes to choosing the best brands for yourselves. Think shorts, and you will be spoilt for choice. Even better, you can now buy shorts for men on EMIs.

Different Types of Shorts on EMI:

Buy Sports Shorts for Men on EMIs

So, are you a fitness freak? Do you love to hit the gym to get the six-pack abs and a toned body? Some comfortable clothes are in order then. Moreover, who says that you should not look good while you work out? Check out brands like Allen Solly, Alvin Kelly, and Genx sports shorts for men on EMIs. Their new-age fabrics draw away moisture from the skin and leave you feeling light and airy. And yes, they up the style quotient as well!

Do you prefer the outdoors to the gym? Would you, rather, go for a basketball match to get a rush of adrenaline? The highly absorbent Arrow Sports shorts will keep you cool and fresh even with the sun beating down hard.

Printed Shorts for Men on EMIs

Think of a quiet Sunday morning, lazing at home with family. Surely calls for some casual chic? Read printed shorts in an array of colours and in fabrics like soft linen and cotton. Buy John Players printed shorts for men on EMIs. Their 100% cotton shorts allow your skin to breathe and are ideal for lounging around at home. Frenchie cotton shorts for men could be a good option, too. If you are an outdoors person, go for a long drive in the winter. Look no further than Flying Machine. Buy their men’s cargo shorts on no-cost EMIs. Team them with a polo shirt and a pair of smart shades.

Buy Shorts and 3/4ths for Men on EMIs

The festive season means a lot of running around. You may already be making several trips to the market to buy candles, crackers, and foodstuff for the Diwali party at home. Your best bet would be to invest in a few pairs of Crocodile or Fila shorts and 3/4ths for men on EMIs to see you through these busy times. Not only do they look smart but are also lightweight and wrinkle-free. Buy Blackberrys men’s shorts with your no-cost EMI Card. They could be ideal for a casual coffee date with a friend or two over the festive weekend.

Shorts for a Beach Vacation

If you are planning a beach vacation, think big players like Blackberrys, Ed Hardy or Lee. They offer some of the best beach shorts that you would love to sport. Apart from solid colours like tan, khaki, olive, and navy blue, you will get printed shorts in funky colours, too. So, bring colours into your wardrobe this season. Pair them with tees or Hawaiian shirts and look cool and stylish. Wear your Duke Stardust shorts for a game of beach volleyball, and feel the rush of endorphins overwhelm you.

Buy Men’s Shorts with EMI Card

Were we not talking about beating women at their own game? Well, befriend the EMI Card, and it will take you a few notches closer to your goal. Here is how it works. Walk into a Bajaj Finserv partner retail outlet with your no-cost EMI Card in tow, choose your shorts, and just swipe the card to pay for your buys. Repay your loan at your convenience over a flexible tenure. Moreover, you pay no down payment, no interest, no processing fees, and no foreclosure charges. Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon will also accept your Bajaj Finserv EMI Card. So, if you do not own one, just visit a Bajaj Finserv partner outlet. Ask for their representative, and fill in a form. Show a few basic documents, and be the proud owner of your prized possession!

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