Aratrika was almost in tears. She was running late for a meeting. And her daughter had spilt fruit juice on Aratrika’s phone. It would not even start. For once in her life, Aratrika had given in to an impulse and got herself a top-of-the-line smartphone a few weeks ago. She was distraught to think of having to pay that kind of money again. She drove distractedly to office, thinking about data and backup, and almost collided into her colleague Sanjiv. The story poured out, as she apologized profusely.

A young dad himself, Sanjiv was no stranger to such disasters. He gave Aratrika a coffee and a patient ear. He told her how his toddler had dunked his new iPhone in a bowl of cereal and then hurled it down from the balcony! Aratrika listened horrified, and wondered how he could bear to laugh about it. And that’s when she heard the magic phrase for the first time: CPP FoneSafe, aka complete protection.

CPP FoneSafe: What you need to know

CPP FoneSafe is a product that has a pan-India tie-up with Bajaj Finance Limited. This instrument offers total protection to the phone from every risk. It could be physical damage or liquid damage, burglary, theft, fire and allied perils, electrical and mechanical breakdown.

So, how do you get it? Simple. When you get approved for the loan on your handset, your loan for CPP FoneSafe is approved too. You get complete protection for a year, starting from the day of your purchase. So, consider a stress-free 12 months, from the date of the invoice or the premium payment date, whichever is later.

Features and benefits

This is the only product in this category to be available on loan. You can avail of it from every corner of India. And as mentioned above, it protects you against everything, right from damage to your handset to its theft. In short, CPP FoneSafe equips you to withstand all misfortunes that can happen to your phone. And the best part is the one-year period of coverage, which is usually the average span of phone use these days.

Retailers stand to benefit from this product too. Since CPP FoneSafe has a pan-India presence, it offers a greater opportunity to the retailer to cross-sell. It translates to an increased income opportunity for retailers.

The CPP FoneSafe user

As Aratrika listened on, she felt a glimmer of hope. She made up her mind to opt for CPP FoneSafe when she bought her next phone. And she vowed to get her forgetful, accident-prone sister Vaishnavi to opt for it too. Between the two of them, the sisters had lost three phones in six months.

So, if you are forgetful, accident-prone, clumsy, have a small child, depend on your phone as a lifeline—in short, if you are a normal person who has a phone and no magic talismans—think of getting the CPP FoneSafe. It could just be the talisman you are looking for!

For more details on the product, please read the product sales brochure and rider brochure (wherever applicable) carefully.