Getting an online business loan is easy and fast. In today’s world, it is the right way to go when looking for a business loan in India. Before you jump in and send the online application form though, there are a few things that you need to do.

A business loan, when used correctly, can help a small business grow fast without the owner having to give up any ownership. An online business loan is preferred as it is quick and easy to secure. For this reason online business loans are becoming popular with small and start up businesses.

Here are some things that you need to do to get an online business loan:

Develop a business plan

A new business loan may be the right decision to help your business grow. However, you need to be clear what you plan to do with the money before you get a small business loan online. The best way to gather your thoughts and understand what needs to be done is to formulate a business plan. The business plan will help you identify your business objectives and understand what is achievable for your business. In many cases you will need to submit a clear business plan as part of the business loan requirements for a new business loan.

Improve your credit score

For any lender to decide on whether to extend a new business loan they will want to know how your business has dealt with loan repayment in the past. If your business is new or it does not have any loan repayment history the bank will check your credit score to analyse your past history. This is part of the business loan requirements. It is suggested that you check your credit score and correct any errors which may be dragging the score down.

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Understand the minimum requirements

Every lender has their set of minimum requirements. Any new business loan application that does not conform to these requirements is immediately rejected. Typically lenders have a base credit score, minimum requirements on business revenue and analyse whether the business is showing revenue growth in the recent past.

Shop for the lender

Don’t succumb to taking the new business loan from the first lender who offers the small business loan online. You will be able to get a better deal if you look at the options. For instance, don’t concentrate on finding the loan with the lowest interest rate as the main factor. You need to consider whether the lender allows prepayment and what the prepayment charges are. Another important aspect is collateral. Check whether the online lender insists on collateral against their loan. Take a look at the online loan application and the business loan requirements. A careful analysis of these points will help you to find the right lender.

Getting a new business loan is easy, but it is more important to find the lender who is approachable and is new business-friendly. Bajaj Finserv, with their easy online application form and hassle free documentation process, seems to check the right boxes for a small business loan online. Bajaj Finserv also has more than 200 physical locations where you can interact with them face to face and find the right solution for you.

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