Software professional Anil Agarwal had several job offers. But he chose TCS, and for a good reason. A Tata enterprise meant more than being the largest Indian software company. Agarwal, 35, was attracted to the prospect of joining a company that cares for its employees. This is the result of years of goodwill the Tata Group has made for itself.

Agarwal is not new to the profession. It occurred to him that as he grew older, he should be with a company that would stand by him in times of medical emergencies. It would take care of his and his family’s health care needs. That could sometimes mean more than a great pay package.

Many professionals like Agarwal turn down more lucrative job offers if an employer provides benefits like a good health cover. It makes sense for the companies, too. Most reputable organizations have group health covers for their employees. First, such policies come cheaper than individual ones. Second, they are an excellent way to drive home the point that the company cares for its employees.

Employee-first approach
The Max Bupa Group Health Policy is one such scheme. This policy protects the most valued resource of a company—the employees. The Employee First Classic Health Insurance Plan and the Employee First Plan offer comprehensive cover. The benefits include hospitalization cost, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care treatments, emergency ambulance, and organ donor treatments. These plans help the employer gift its employees a healthy, peaceful, and successful life.

Direct communication with patients
Third party administrators (TPAs) have indeed given the medical insurance industry a bad name. Patients struggle to settle claims with them. This has prompted several insurance companies to come up with in-house claim settlement departments. Max Bupa is no exception. In fact, it has gone a step forward and given the insured employees the option of speaking to its officials when they need to. This ensures clearer communication on claim settlement during the hours of crisis. Even better, Max Bupa has a helpline that operates round the clock, making communication easier.

Wide choice for employees
The company also offers cashless hospitalization in almost all quality hospitals across India. This has been possible only due to Max Bupa’s extensive partner network and exhaustive tie-ups with hospitals. The reach has been fantastic, giving Max Bupa an edge over its peers. The company now offers products to cover everyone in the family—from the newborn to the ageing mother. Whatever be the medical need, Max Bupa will have you covered. In short, Max Bupa’s health plan is a magic in a package. And it works as a quality incentive for employees.

Individual records work wonders
A key element for Max Bupa to serve its clients better is the filing of individual records of the insured employees at the time of enrolment. This helps the company access the information about clients fast. Needless to say, this comes in handy during the golden hours. After all, nothing means more to us than the well-being of our loved ones, isn’t it?

For more details on the product, please read the product sales brochure and rider brochure (wherever applicable) carefully.