Not only are aquariums beautiful, but they also lend a classy appeal to your house. According to Feng Shui too, having fish at home generates positive energy and brings harmony. There are various types of aquariums you can choose and here’s a handy guide to help you do just that:

Types Of Aquariums And Where They Can Be Placed:

  • Freshwater Aquarium:

This is the most common type of aquarium, which requires fresh water and features tropical fish. It has the most basic set-up, requiring minimum care and attention. It can be aesthetically placed at any part of your house, even as a centrepiece for your drawing room or dining room. Just remember to buy one according to the size of your house. A lot of accessories can be used to light up this aquarium and provide an elegant touch to your interiors. One of the most popular trend right now is using LED-lit tanks to create a mesmerising ambience. A standard freshwater aquarium costs around Rs.50000.

  • Coldwater Aquarium:

As the name suggests, coldwater fish require water to be room temperature or a little higher. The most common type of fish for this type of aquarium are Goldfish. One of the advantages of this aquarium is that it can be as small or large as you desire. A pair of Goldfish in a beautiful bowl can work wonders in your home. It can be placed on coffee tables or the side table of your room, or even on the empty shelf of a book or TV cabinet. You can also use water tanks for other coldwater fish like the Koi, which can be set up as a coffee table cum tank! Does your home have circular corners or pillars? You can incorporate the aquarium as part of the wall or pillar too. A stylish coldwater aquarium with good space will be Rs.50000.

  • Marine Aquarium:

This aquarium requires salt water for the fish to survive, and is usually considered high maintenance in comparison to the other types of tanks. The advantage is that these aquariums include colourful fish, beautiful coral reefs and spectacular invertebrates to admire. This is a more expensive choice, as the fish require a lot of maintenance and the reefs are usually costly. This is a picturesque aquarium, and all its vibrant colours and energies combine together to create a stunning effect on your home interiors. A well-outfitted marine aquarium costs Rs.1.5 lakh.

  • Brackish Aquarium:

These aquariums are rare, and feature a mix of both freshwater and salt water, which is very difficult to maintain. The selection of fish available for it is limited, with the most popular being the Puffer. It can be set up as an estuary tank or with mineral sand, rocks, plants, branchy driftwood, mangroves and beautifully coloured fish, which can instantly boost the style in your interiors. A brackish aquarium can be placed at any part of the house, including the living room. The cost of a brackish aquarium will be around Rs.2 lakh.

An aquarium has the ability to uplift the ambience of your home without disrupting its décor, and can greatly contribute to a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Want to include a large aquarium as a centrepiece in your home but worried about the cost? If you already have a home loan to pay off, here’s a solution that will work: Just get a Home Loan Balance Transfer from Bajaj Finserv to enjoy lower interest and benefits like a 3 EMI holiday apart from getting a convenient Top Up Loan. You can use the top up loan amount to buy an aquarium with a bounty of fish, and pay low interest over a longer tenor.

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