Contrary to popular belief, summer is the best time to take those wedding vows. Why? Your out-of-town guests can be there for you with all the kids since it’s the summer holiday and the chances of rain playing spoilsport is slim to none! What’s more, nature is at its best with colourful flowers in full bloom. Here are expert tips to ensure that your summer wedding goes off without a hitch!

Do you dream of a fairy tale ceremony against the picture-perfect backdrop of clear blue skies? Planning an epic summer wedding is not as humongous a task as you may think. While there are numerous ways to make it a memorable day, these are some tips that you should bookmark to make sure that your summer nuptials are an unforgettable celebration!

  1. Go for Artful Décor in Breezy Hues: Considering the heat and humidity of Indian summer as well as you’re and the guests’ comfort, choose a wedding theme that is cooling and breezy. A combination of white or beige with pastel colours is best for the overall venue. To add a splash of colour, pick bold accents in bright yellow, coral blue, lavender, or tangerine, which by the way, is the colour of this season! Keep the décor simple and elegant for your summer wedding.
  1. Play with Floral Decorations: With summer at its peak, your wedding can be the perfect floral paradise replete with verdant blooms. When you select your flowers, ask the florist to choose varieties that won’t wither away in the heat. Some statement-making options to pick from during the season are sunflowers, Asiatic lilies, chrysanthemums, marigold and orchids.

Get a leg up by planning your wedding expenses in advance so your summer wedding proceeds in a more organised and stress-free fashion. See the handy infographic for more information on dividing your wedding expenditure into chunks.


  1. Keep the Food and Drink Summer-Friendly: An Indian wedding isn’t complete without fantastic food, and the menu for a summer wedding deserves some extra thought. Nariyal paani with malai (coconut water with cream), chaas (buttermilk), aam paana (green mango cooler) and lemonade are must-haves on the drinks table! A salad bar and a barbeque counter, which serves fresh, green salads with lemony dressing and roasted summer vegetables is a great summer-friendly accompaniment for your chosen main course. Also plan to offer refreshing treats for dessert, be it kulfi, popsicles, ice golas and flavoured yogurt to your guests.
  2. Plan Your Wedding Attire with Care: It’s a big day for the bride and groom, and it’s important for the couple to feel comfortable rather than bogged down with the heat. Brides: speak to your stylist and ensure that your wedding sari, ghagra or gown is light and free-flowing using fabric such as linen, crepe or chiffon. A sleek hairstyle such as a pulled-back chignon, a braided crown or a ballerina bun will also keep the hair from sticking to your neck! A trial session is a must to ensure that you don’t smudge or sweat in the heat. Grooms: Choose a light-hued, breathable fabric for the tuxedo, bandhgala or suit and keep an outfit in reserve that you can change into after the main ceremony in case it gets too hot.
  3. Arrange Shady Outdoors and Cool Indoors: Plan to enjoy the outdoors for a small ceremony during your wedding. Apart from setting up a white tent with air mist fans and coolers, ensure that you make adequate arrangements indoors with AC to give yourself and your guests needed respite from the heat. Cold hand towels and water bottles for each guest also adds a nice touch.
  4. Plan the Perfect Wedding Background Score: A musically perfect playlist will make your special day exceptional! Prepare a good selection of wedding songs in a high-resolution audio format that resonates with all those special moments of the couple and the two families that will be coming together! Mix it up with light music during the ceremony and a mix of Bollywood and pop to play later for your guests and family to groove to.

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